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                            Oxoid, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, is dependant for its success on the skill and knowledge of the people within the company. We look to recruit experienced scientists with a background in Microbiology for many lab based roles as well as Sales and Marketing, plus experienced and qualified people in areas such as Manufacturing, Engineering, Business Services (HR, IT, Finance) and many other functions. Employees are encouraged to obtain formal qualifications or to develop their vocational and managerial skills.

                            There are currently no vacancies with Oxoid, however this site is updated regularly so please review this page again soon.

                            AFNOR 法國標準化協會
                            AOAC 美國官方分析化學師協會
                            APHA 美國公共衛生協會
                            BAM FDA細菌學分析手冊
                            BSI 英國標準協會
                            BP 英國藥典
                            EP 歐洲藥典
                            FDA 美國食品藥品管理局
                            FSIS 農業部食品安全檢驗局
                            IDF 國際乳品聯合會
                            ISO 國際標準化組織
                            JP 日本藥局方
                            NMKL 北歐食品分析委員會
                            USDA 美國農業部
                            USP 美國藥典

                            公司電話:010-65945597/65919547    傳 真:010-65919547   E-mail:[email protected]
                            寶杰羅新網站:寶杰羅生物科技有限公司    京ICP備08004776-1    京公網安備110105010393