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                            MO BIO Laboratories, Inc.

                            MO BIO Profile

                            MO BIO Laboratories, a privately held company located in the San Diego biotech corridor (Carlsbad, CA USA), was founded in 1993. Initially a small business start-up, MO BIO has grown into a multi-million dollar operation with international production, research, and distribution. Today, MO BIO's growth and customer loyalty is challenging some of the world's leading molecular biology tool companies with innovative technologies and a commitment to value. One of the fastest growing companies in Life Science, the product innovation, company philosophy, and customer service focus continues to draw customers and outstanding industry talent to MO BIO. The founders and employees of MO BIO are dedicated to the preservation of the environment and to bettering the quality of the Earth through science.
                            Read BioSphere Magazine article on Mark Brolaski, CEO


                            Watch an interview video with Mark Brolaski, CEO and Liz Brolaski, CFO. This interview was submitted by customer, for customers. 


                            MO BIO Innovation
                            Since 1993, MO BIO Laboratories has been developing innovative tools for researchers in Molecular Biology. MO BIO's PowerMAX® DNA Isolation kits and our RNA PowerSoil® kits are among the most unique and innovative products in the biotech marketplace today. Effectively removing humic acid inhibitors of PCR present in soil samples. MO BIO's line of soil and microbial isolation kits are now the method of choice among environmental and microbiology researchers studying microbial DNA in soil samples.
                            MO BIO is also proud to have introduced some of the fastest kits on the market for DNA isolation and purification. We offer the UltraClean® 6 Minute Plasmid Mini Prep, the UltraClean® PCR Clean-up Kit (only 3 minutes per reaction), and the UltraClean® GelSpin® Kit (only 5 minutes per reaction). Plus, we produce a full line of nucleic acid isolation and purfication products in mini, midi, maxi and 96 well formats.


                            MO BIO Philosophy
                            At MO BIO Laboratories we want the same things you do... quality products that work and save you time. We understand budget and time constraints. We understand the need for responsive customer and technical service when you have a question, comment or concern. Our days begin long before work and our lives are filled with other passions and pursuits. We know that scientists are people with interests outside of work. It is our aim to make your working life more productive and efficient, in order to give you time to focus on what is critical, not only at work, but in life. We are committed to making sure your life's work includes a little time for your life.

                            MO BIO Laboratories, Inc.- Saving You Time for Life

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